Give the Gift of Cluster Repair This Holiday Season


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Well, we are finally rounding the corner on Christmas Day and all that it represents – holiday spirits, the fellowship of man and the anticipation of a coming New Year filled with hope and promise. Christmas and the holiday season mean all those things and more. It also means gift-giving. It means shaving kits that will be used and quickly forgotten, gift baskets that will sit around the house taking up space and those loud Christmas themed ties and sweaters dad will wear a few times and pretend to like. This year why not give a gift that will be appreciated beyond the season’s end. Why not give a gift that shows how much you truly value your loved ones’ safety and well being? Why not give them the gift of a cluster repair?

The instrument cluster includes the speedometer, odometer, fuel, tachometer, oil pressure, temp, or volt gauges. Of course, each is important to your car’s efficient operation. Operating a car that has a faulty instrument cluster means that you basically will be operating blind. The problems that can arise from a faulty instrument cluster and its components include speedometer readings that are half or even double your actual speed and even whole clusters that have gone dead. The consequences of faulty speedometer readings, for example, are obvious. A poorly functioning speedometer can result in the driver exceeding the speed limit. Symptoms of a faulty instrument cluster include:

  • Sticking, inoperative or erratic gauges
  • Cluster that turns off and on automatically
  • Dim or inoperative message center & odometer displays
  • Faulty gauge illumination
  • Displays that are pix-elated or missing portions
  • Inaccurate gauge readings

vintage-christmas-wreath-and-two-birds_MJtSDcu_(1) We provide mobile cluster repair in Wichita and can come to your home or work to service your vehicle. Cluster repair also encompasses the servicing of a car that has had a new instrument cluster installed. A new cluster will mean that the unit will have to be configured for your vehicle. This is especially true when purchasing a used unit. We excel in Wichita speedometer repair services. We can also help make sure that a recently installed instrument cluster has been properly installed and fitted for your car.

Admittedly, the gift of a cluster repair may seem like an unconventional Christmas present. However, what could let your loved one know that you care, more than a gift that insures their security? This Christmas put aside gifts that will be forgotten or unappreciated and say more than can be said with a tie or fruit basket or shaving kit. Give your loved ones the gift of a safe and happy holiday season.


A Message to Procrastinators



We really have the best customers. Last week we received these kind words from one of our customers along with a note asking us to share his words with other potential customers, as a warning from someone who knows…

If you’re like me, car maintenance is one of the most annoying parts of life. I spent a lot of money on my car, I treat it well enough, and I feel like that should be enough. My car should always work when I need it to.

Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. It seems like my car demands an endless list of repairs and checkups. For the longest time, I just ignored it. If my car could get me to where I needed, what did it matter? Before long, I had more dashboard warning lights on than I did off— The engine light, the airbag light, a tire pressure warning, and it kept making this strange clicking sound.

At this point, I knew I needed to do something, but it was all so overwhelming that I just kept procrastinating. I had a lot going on in my life, and so far nothing MAJOR had happened to my car, so maybe I could just last a tiny bit longer until things calmed down.

And, of course, I couldn’t. My car finally met its breaking point, and something broke. Guess what it was?

It was my speedometer. How did I realize this? Of course, I got pulled over for speeding. SomehFeatured imageow the needle slipped down by twenty miles per hour or so, and for weeks I had been driving faster than I thought I was.

This was a repair I couldn’t procrastinate on. I couldn’t risk another ticket. I searched the internet for the best instrument cluster repair in Wichita, and I found Fix My Needles. They knew exactly what they were doing. I’ve never seen people so passionate about car programming! They replaced every motor in the dashboard with a with 5th generation units, they switched out all of the bulbs, and they re-soldered everything to insure that the fix would last.

But most importantly, they educated me. They explained what could have caused the problem, and they showed me what to do to keep it secure for the future. The prices were reasonable, and the whole process was a lot less painful than I expected. The experience finally broke me out of my procrastination cycle, and it inspired me to finally see a mechanic about my other problems.

So if you’re also someone who goes as long as possible without fixing up your car, I’m here to tell you, from the other side, that change is possible. And when it comes to automotive cluster repair, Fix My Needles is the right company for the job!

Sometimes Even Your GM Lets You Down



When a customer takes the time to write an awesome recommendation like this, we feel like it’s definitely a sign of a job well done…

There’s something about buying a GM that makes you feel like you’re buying a car that’s built to last. Maybe it’s just me, but when I drive around in my GM truck I feel kind of untouchable. I’m up there, higher up than everyone else and there’s just something empowering about feeling like I could drive over anything—you know, if I was the kind of person who drove over things. But when things start going wrong under the hood or on the dash, that empowering feeling is definitely weakened; and that’s exactly what happened to me a couple weeks ago.

Picture this: It was a Saturday afternFeatured imageoon and I was driving around in my GM truck; my incredibly good-looking girlfriend was sitting in the passenger seat and I felt untouchable as always. We were headed to her sister’s birthday party and we were running late so I was stepping on the gas pretty heavily but according to my speedometer, I was not speeding. All of the sudden there were flashing lights behind me and my untouchable ego was quickly deflating. What on earth could my perfect truck and I have done wrong?

Turns out I was in fact speeding! But how could that be? My speedometer told me no such thing! I tried to reason with the police officer, I tried to explain what was going on in my truck, but he was less than sympathetic and I ended up with a speeding ticket. Total bummer.

Well it turns out my instrument cluster was busted. My first thought was, ‘Seriously?! Not my untouchable truck?!’ But when I came back down to reality I went online and started searching for a Wichita GM cluster repair service. That’s when I found Fix My Needles, and boy am I glad I did! Their prices are totally fair and they charged me exactly what we discussed in our very first conversation. They get the job done quickly and their technicians are very professional and friendly!

Here’s the kicker, Fix My Needles will come to you! I was in the middle of a million deadlines at work when this annoying nightmare happened so finding a mobile repair service was definitely a plus. Believe me when I tell you, if you’re looking for the best mobile cluster repair in Wichita, look no further than Fix My Needles. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sometimes All You Need is a New Instrument Cluster



When I think of the Ford Mustang, I can’t help but think of Eleanor, the famed 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang that was Nicolas Cage’s obsession in the 2000 film, “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Since it was created, the Ford Mustang has captured the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts all over the world; but you would never consider the Mustang to be an exotic car. It is, and always has been, the heart of the American muscle car. It was built by UAW workers on prFeatured imageoduction lines with parts shared with many other models of cars; but that hasn’t stopped the Mustang from becoming an iconic part of American car culture.

When restoring one of the classics, there are a few things to consider. Depending on your model, you may run into fitment issues with aftermarket parts, Improper Repairs, Engine/Drivetrain Issues, coolant leaks, overheating, and maybe even issues with the instrument cluster.

Any number of issues can come up when you’re restoring an old Mustang… No-one likes a coolant leak, but overheating may be the sign of a bigger problem. Overheating not only shortens the lifespan of the engine and additional components, but at very best it’s embarrassing and can easily leave you stranded on the side of the road, in need of help. Cooling system issues can occur on any Mustang, old or new, investment or modified. Generally speaking, many people do not understand how the common automotive cooling system works and they think a pretty aluminum radiator could be the savior of AC issues. We’re not knocking aluminum radiators—we like them actually—but they won’t necessarily fix all your problems. You may need a new radiator, water pump, radiator cap, etc. It should be a warning sign that perhaps, just perhaps, the proprietor is tossing parts with a cooling problem. We’ve viewed people spend a huge amount of money on radiators, cooling flushes, and more just to still have a “problem” turn out to be a bad gauge! Properly diagnosing your problems is always key.

Lucky for you, here at Fix My Needles we are the experts in automotive cluster repair, specifically in regards to the Mustang instrument cluster. Looking for a company that provides mobile cluster repair in Wichita? Fix My Needles has you covered! Whether you’re restoring an old Mustang or you just need to fix that 2006 model you’ve been driving around since it was new, we can help you with all your instrument cluster needs.

Repairs the Right Way


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When it comes to repairs, there’s almost always a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way may be cheaper, and it might even pass for a while, but before long it will bite you in the back. But it’s not just about price. Your dealership will always try to charge you more than you can afford for a service that’s not necessarily done the right way. The only way to guarantee you’re getting what you need for a fair price is to do your research and find someone you can trust.

Fix My Needles cFeatured imagean be your trusted source for instrument cluster repair in Wichita. If you’re having problems with your speedometer, odometer, fuel, tach, oil pressure, temp, or volt gauges, don’t waste your time with your dealer. We’ll charge you a fraction of their price, and our repair will last longer than the vehicle.

Give us a call, and we’ll come to you. We have all of the hardware and software available to the dealers, and we know how to use it. As geeky as it may sound, car programming is our passion, and nothing pleases us more than a robust, fully functional gauge. That’s why we replace everything we can. For example, with a GM cluster repair, we don’t just replace the motor that broke; we replace each and every motor with a 5th generation unit. We change every bulb to prevent any part of the display from ever dimming or going dark. Finally, we re-solder everything to insure a long-lasting fix. We do similar repairs for Ford, Mustang, and Chrysler, and they all cost $150 or less.

If you made the mistake of going somewhere that did your repairs the wrong way, you might already see some of the problems it can cause. A faulty module replacement or repair can actually stop your car from running. If you’re experiencing a problem like this, we can help. We have all the latest factory software from the major manufacturers. We can scan the car to determine the issue and fix it the right way.

Finally, all of our repairs have a lifetime guarantee. While other places may ignore cracked solder and worn out motors to save themselves a few bucks, we insure quality every time. It’s a one-time repair that will outlive the vehicle. You’ll never have to worry about faulty gauges again. So if you have a problem with your programming, give us a call.

Don’t Let Your Instrument Cluster Kill Your Summertime Vibes


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Imagine this: It’s summer, it’s Saturday and you’re outside enjoying everything that Wichita has to offer. The sun is warm, the tunes are cool and you’ve got the hottest girl sitting next to you in the front seat. As you cruise down the open Wichita highway with your top down in your Ford Mustang, suddenly you hear sirens behind you. As you look in your rear-view mirror, look at the girl to your right, and look again at the rear-view, a single bead of sweat starts to run down the side of your face. You begin to panic, “What have I done wrong?” and “How embarrassing is this?”

And as the cop pulls you over and asks for your license and registration, you’re surprised to hear that you’ve been stopped for…speeding!? You’re confused. The officer tells you that you were going 83 in a 65. But you swear your speedometer said 63. The hot girl next to you is shaking her head in embarrassment…and shame. In a perfect world, the officer would let you go with just a fix-it ticket, but that probably isn’t what’s going to happen. It may be time to take a look at your Mustang instrument cluster…

Unfortunately, this happens more often than one might expect and especially with Mustangs and Silverados. Going to the dealership, direct to the source, might seem like it makes the most sense, but in reality it will only make your bank account cry. Dealerships have an incentive to over-charge you for parts and services because they are the brand name, of course. Think of it like buying brand name products at the drug store or grocery store versus the generic brand of the same product which is much less expensive, but the quality is just as high.

We all know automotive maintenance can be expensive, but when it comes to instrument cluster repair in Wichita at substantially lower prices look no further than Fix My Needles. Do your homework into Wichita cluster repair shops and we know you will end up giving us a call.

So, imagine it’s summer, it’s Saturday and you’re outside enjoying everything Wichita has to offer. The sun is warm, the tunes are cool and you’ve got the hottest girl sitting next to you in the front seat. You take the car out on the highway, take that turn smoothly around the bend just to see an officer pulling over a GM; you smile, look to your right to see your girl smiling, and keep on driving. Don’t let a speedometer failure ruin your summer…or at least ruin your chances of a having a hot summer fling.