When a customer takes the time to write an awesome recommendation like this, we feel like it’s definitely a sign of a job well done…

There’s something about buying a GM that makes you feel like you’re buying a car that’s built to last. Maybe it’s just me, but when I drive around in my GM truck I feel kind of untouchable. I’m up there, higher up than everyone else and there’s just something empowering about feeling like I could drive over anything—you know, if I was the kind of person who drove over things. But when things start going wrong under the hood or on the dash, that empowering feeling is definitely weakened; and that’s exactly what happened to me a couple weeks ago.

Picture this: It was a Saturday afternFeatured imageoon and I was driving around in my GM truck; my incredibly good-looking girlfriend was sitting in the passenger seat and I felt untouchable as always. We were headed to her sister’s birthday party and we were running late so I was stepping on the gas pretty heavily but according to my speedometer, I was not speeding. All of the sudden there were flashing lights behind me and my untouchable ego was quickly deflating. What on earth could my perfect truck and I have done wrong?

Turns out I was in fact speeding! But how could that be? My speedometer told me no such thing! I tried to reason with the police officer, I tried to explain what was going on in my truck, but he was less than sympathetic and I ended up with a speeding ticket. Total bummer.

Well it turns out my instrument cluster was busted. My first thought was, ‘Seriously?! Not my untouchable truck?!’ But when I came back down to reality I went online and started searching for a Wichita GM cluster repair service. That’s when I found Fix My Needles, and boy am I glad I did! Their prices are totally fair and they charged me exactly what we discussed in our very first conversation. They get the job done quickly and their technicians are very professional and friendly!

Here’s the kicker, Fix My Needles will come to you! I was in the middle of a million deadlines at work when this annoying nightmare happened so finding a mobile repair service was definitely a plus. Believe me when I tell you, if you’re looking for the best mobile cluster repair in Wichita, look no further than Fix My Needles. I cannot recommend them enough!