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Well, we are finally rounding the corner on Christmas Day and all that it represents – holiday spirits, the fellowship of man and the anticipation of a coming New Year filled with hope and promise. Christmas and the holiday season mean all those things and more. It also means gift-giving. It means shaving kits that will be used and quickly forgotten, gift baskets that will sit around the house taking up space and those loud Christmas themed ties and sweaters dad will wear a few times and pretend to like. This year why not give a gift that will be appreciated beyond the season’s end. Why not give a gift that shows how much you truly value your loved ones’ safety and well being? Why not give them the gift of a cluster repair?

The instrument cluster includes the speedometer, odometer, fuel, tachometer, oil pressure, temp, or volt gauges. Of course, each is important to your car’s efficient operation. Operating a car that has a faulty instrument cluster means that you basically will be operating blind. The problems that can arise from a faulty instrument cluster and its components include speedometer readings that are half or even double your actual speed and even whole clusters that have gone dead. The consequences of faulty speedometer readings, for example, are obvious. A poorly functioning speedometer can result in the driver exceeding the speed limit. Symptoms of a faulty instrument cluster include:

  • Sticking, inoperative or erratic gauges
  • Cluster that turns off and on automatically
  • Dim or inoperative message center & odometer displays
  • Faulty gauge illumination
  • Displays that are pix-elated or missing portions
  • Inaccurate gauge readings

vintage-christmas-wreath-and-two-birds_MJtSDcu_(1) We provide mobile cluster repair in Wichita and can come to your home or work to service your vehicle. Cluster repair also encompasses the servicing of a car that has had a new instrument cluster installed. A new cluster will mean that the unit will have to be configured for your vehicle. This is especially true when purchasing a used unit. We excel in Wichita speedometer repair services. We can also help make sure that a recently installed instrument cluster has been properly installed and fitted for your car.

Admittedly, the gift of a cluster repair may seem like an unconventional Christmas present. However, what could let your loved one know that you care, more than a gift that insures their security? This Christmas put aside gifts that will be forgotten or unappreciated and say more than can be said with a tie or fruit basket or shaving kit. Give your loved ones the gift of a safe and happy holiday season.